Nature Lab Fundraiser

What is Nature Lab?

The primary goals of the Nature Lab will be to - 
  • Provide a living science lab for the study of the life cycles of plants and insects (Primary grades have State standards particularly aligned to this)
  • Provide raised beds for growing flowers and edible plants by the children, so they learn to connect their food to the soil and land.
  • Provide an area for connection with nature, its beauty, and peace.  A deck for reflective writing and quiet reading is planned.
  • Provide an example of low water landscaping to inspire our families with their own landscaping projects.

e-Waste recycling event - May 15, 2011

The event was a great success.  Thank you all for donating your time, used equipment and money.  And thank you as well to the volunteers who were out there in puring rain for anything from three to six hours:

Parent volunteers: Thomas, Richard, Patty, Jen, Gary, Christina, Shawna, David, Abha, Dipali, Sue, Evelyn, Vasudev and Amit

Student volunteers: Avery, Winston, Suhana and Shrey

Stargazing event - June 3, 2011

There was no Stargazing courtesy the clouds, but the attendees had a great fun visiting tables set up by the MSJ Green Club, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, and MSJ's Science for Youth.  Children participated in many hands on activities.

The event ended with a wonderful presentation by Mr. Ball, the astronomer who was going to help gaze at the stars.  We hope to invite him again in Fall when the weather is more predictable.

Thanks to Kinder's for providing the food and help raise funds.