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Battery Recycling

As you are aware, it is illegal to dump household batteries (rechargeable or single use) in trash.

The Chadbourne EcoClub will work with the Walk Your Child to School event (first Friday of every month - please refer to the calendar) to collect household batteries.  Look for the volunteers in front of the school.  An EcoClub parent will drop off the batteries to the household hazardous waste facility.

No auto/other batteries please.  If the battery has leaked (liquid of powder), please wrap it in a plastic bag/Ziploc before bringing it to the school.  Otherwise, EcoClub will not be able to accept such batteries.

Sorting the batteries

We have been requested to sort the batteries in three different bins.  If you can bring them sorted, it will help the EcoClub volunteers to find the right bin faster.

If you can not tell what kind of battery it is, please put it in a separate bag, and let us know.

Rechargeable batteries

Any battery that can fit in your palm (no auto batteries etc.!) and is rechargeable

Lithium batteries

Disposable Lithium batteries - coin cells, and any other non-rechargeable battery that says Lithium on it

Other Single use disposable batteries

All non-lithium non-rechargeable batteries.  The words on them may be
  • heavy duty
  • super heavy duty
  • general purpose
  • alkaline
  • carbon-zinc
  • silver oxide
  • zinc-something...