Zero Waste Lunch

First Friday of every month is Zero Waste Lunch Day at Chadbourne.  Here are a few easy ways to eliminate waste from your child's lunch not just on Zero Waste Lunch Day, but everyday!

Lunch Bought at the School Cafeteria

Most waste is unfinished, and often, untouched food.

  • Ask your child to take the untouched food home to be consumed later.
  • Milk is not mandatoryIf your child does not want milk, he/she does not have to take it. If student change their mind, they can go back and request a carton of milk.
  • Likewise, only take napkins, sporks, ketchup pouches etc. if needed.  

Lunch Brought from Home

Most waste is single use containers - juice cartons, juice pouches, sandwich bags, aluminum foil, disposable lunch boxes (if you did not know they exist, please do not get ideas!)...

  • Juice pouches (e.g. Capri Sun and Honest Kids) are recycled at Chadbourne.  However, always choose to reduce waste instead of recycle!
  • Everything else goes to trash.
  • Substitutes:
    • Buy juice in large jars, and bring it in steel water bottles
    • Use reusable lunch boxes and bags


  1. Earth911: 5 Ways to Pack Zero Waste Lunch
  2. TLC:  How to Pack Zero Waste Lunch