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The "What Goes Where" Quiz

Everyone knows newspapers go to the recycling bin. How about popsicle sticks? Pizza boxes?

The students of Chadbourne EcoClub would like to challenge and amuse you. The idea of this quiz originated from a mailer from mentioning that more than 40% the garbage can contents are recyclable or compostable. Through this quiz, we hope we will all learn.
  • not only what should go in recycle and compost bins, but
  • what should NOT go in recycle and compost bins ("contamination" is as big a problem as throwing away the recyclables)
A tablet/laptop/PC screen may work better than cell phone.
No grading! By taking the quiz, you are already an Eco-Star!!!  Please feel free to share this with family, friends and colleagues. 

The students of the Chadbourne EcoClub would appreciate any feedback you have on this quiz.